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Pet Surrender

Bringing your pet to St. Tammany Humane Society can be a difficult decision to make. We do encourage you to utilize resources we can provide you to keep your pet and only choose surrendering as a last option. Sadly, there are many homeless animals in our Parish and in the United States as a whole. Please call to speak with us about why you are considering giving up your pet to see if we can find a solution. For example, we may be able to provide you with training tips, affordable medical services, ways to receive free or low-cost pet food, and more.

As a private, nonprofit organization dependent on community contributions, we request a donation when an animal is admitted to us.

When your pet is placed for adoption, we will make every reasonable effort to find your pet(s) a new and forever home.


As a no-kill rescue, STHS organizes its pet surrenders from a "waiting list."  Generally the wait to surrender a pet is from 1-6 months.  We can not guarantee a specific time frame your pet can be taken into the shelter.  Waiting time depends on whether or not the pet has routine vaccinations, heartworm preventative, and the size of the animal, and other variables.

If you need to surrender your pet immediately, we recommend contacting St. Tammany Parish Animal Services at (985) 809-0183.

Please fill out form below to be added to the intake waiting list.

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