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Ph: (985) 892-7387


Become a Monthly Companion Champion



By becoming a STHS Monthly Companion Champion, you will rescue homeless animals waiting on your support! You will not only be helping the many dogs and cats we have rescued this year, you will also help to end the suffering of thousands of homeless animals for many years to come. For less than $15 per month, you can provide food, medical care, safety and loving arms to animals in need.

Zoey (above) is just one example of animals saved by Monthly Companion Champions like you!

Zoey was rescued by a Good Samaritan who convinced her owner to surrender Zoey to our humane society. Immediate medical attention revealed all four of Zoey’s metacarpals (toes) were broken. Not only did this precious pup suffer from physical pain from her injury, she also endured emotional pain we can't begin to imagine. Thanks to the compassionate support from people like you, Zoey is now a happy, healthy dog in a loving home.

Please help us continue to bring care, comfort and love to thousands of animals just like Zoey. Start your monthly donations today!