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Covington, LA 70433
Ph: (985) 892-7387


Adoption Ambassadors

What is an Adoption Ambassador?

A St. Tammany Humane Society Adoption Ambassador is a passionate animal lover who wants to make a difference by finding homes for our shelter pets! Adoption Ambassadors will actually learn our entire adoption process from start to finish and then apply that process to their current foster pet. AAs will be given the proper tools and sent out into the community to find the perfect home for their foster pet. That's right, you will actually adopt our animals into new homes!

Not only will Adoption Ambassadors find homes for homeless animals, they will also be representing our organization in the community.

With the help of AAs we will be able to increase our current span of animals in our care, have less animals at our shelter and ultimately find even more homes this year!

Check out the adoption ambassador job description.

For more info or to get involved, please email our Foster Coordinator at